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Harness the potential of AI for your business

We specialises in building customised AI tools and integrations to deliver massive workflow and operational efficiencies for your business.

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Our mission is to empower your business to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, today. We solve problems at the intersection of innovation and practicality, meaning we always deliver solutions that have impact.

  • AI Integrations. We work with you to identify and integrate AI tools and functionality into your systems and workflows.
  • Custom Development. We work with you to build new custom AI solutions to support specific workflows and to improve operational efficiency.
  • Orchestration Framework. We work with you to set up multiple Orchestrated AI tools to deliver end-to-end work flows.
  • Technical Strategy. We work with you to review and develop a robust technical strategy to support AI enablement in your organisation.

Pioneering OrchestratedAi, Together

We are a team driven by our shared passion for leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to find practical solutions to real-world problems

Our team

  • Max Bush

    Director of Engineering

    Multifaceted technology professional with a diverse background designing and building technology solutions for education, enterprise, startups and finance. Most recently Head of Engineering at a global financial services firm, Max works directly with clients to design, implement and build high impact AI solutions.

How we can help you

Our blend of integration support, custom development and technical advisory services means we can help your business no matter how big or small you are.

  • Startups. With a clear focus and rapid growth, you need an agile development partner that can provide robust and scalable solutions swiftly and cost effectively. We offer you exactly that, as well as the advice and guidance to navigate the AI landscape as you grow.
  • SMEs. You have significant opportunities to integrated AI tools but lack the technical resources to fully focus on developing these tools in-house. We offer you cost-effective, customisable AI solutions that will help you optimise and grow.
  • Enterprise. You have complex infrastructure and advanced technical needs. We act as your outsourced AI specialists, helping you deal with the myriad of challenges of integrating new technologies into existing systems and protocols.

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Let's bring practical AI solutions to your business, fostering real impact and growth.

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